Shelf edges

Print your own shelf edges on demand from your label software. 

We offer several sizes to fit with your shelf edge system. 

Product number and description: 

3116   Shelf edges 105 x 38 mm (14/sheet, 7000/box)
3117   Shelf edges 82 x 30 mm (16/sheet, 8000/box)
3118   Shelf edges 163 x 88 mm (3/sheet, 1500/box)
3119   Shelf edges 39 x 30 mm (45/sheet, 22500/box)

Please contact us for samples, prices or other sizes. 


Print in colour for Point-of-Purchase effect

With the OKI colour laser printers you can create colourful effects that catch the consumer's eyes. Have a look at the photos to the right.