Labels and tags that cannot be transferred

Sometimes garden centers face the problem that customers take a label from a cheap plant and attaches it to an expensive plant without being detected. We offer several solutions of non-transferable labels and tags:

Labels and tags on the pots

 Adhesive labels, for inst.:    Hang tags clipsed onto pot:      Pot tags clicked into edge of pot:
 Ref 3033 99 x 139 mm         - Fastener ref 3107                 - Ref 3551 (40x165 mm)
 Ref 3034 99 x 68 mm           - Rings ref 3108                     - Ref 3545 (66x167 mm)
 Ref 3007 98 x 57 mm          Popular in the USA                  Need adapting to pot type
 Ref 3009 65 x 48 mm  


Labels and tags on the plants

 Hang tags with plastic fasteners     Stapled loop tags                       Security loop tags
 + cannot be split                          close to the stem, so they           with strong adhesive closure to 
 + cannot be re-applied                 cannot be re-applied                   make them tamper proof
 -  test application                         - ref 3021 38x250 wo holes          - ref 3029 20x260 mm



Please contact us for samples, prices and a discussion of the best solution for you.