We are an innovative label company 100% dedicated to exceeding the needs of our customers in the horticultural industry worldwide. Our main offer is based on the Floralabels labels and signs that give our customers maximum flexibility and a professional image in combination with the Brandsoft label software and OKI colour laser printers.

We are part of the Limo Label group, a leading specialty label supplier, based in Denmark,  where most of our production takes place. Limo is a dynamic, medium sized company with a lot of know how in speciality labels, which we are happy to share with you to find the right solution for your needs. Take a look at www.limolabels.dk for a closer look at creative solutions that may give you new inspiration

We have already more than 2000 installations across Europe using our Floralabels labels and signs. We are offering an extensive standard range directly from Easitill in Northampton. At the same time, we are keen to develop new products and solutions that meet your requirements.

Entrepreneurship, innovation, flexibility and reliability are key words for us to meet and exceed your needs. Test us. Contact Easitill or use this website to contact us.

Buy direct. Call 01604 881 881 for free samples and prices