The Easitill core plant database contains over 20,000 plants with more than 15,000 stunning pictures. 

Includes garden flowers & ornamentals, trees, shrubs, herbs, climbers, aquatics, vegetables, fruits, ferns, wild flowers, orchids, palms, cacti, mosses, hedging and house plants. The full edition also includes more varieties, more indoor, more tropical plants, more agricultural plants and more wild-flowering plants. Use as they are or edit yourself. Save time and money compiling a plant database use our pre existing and extensive one all ready to run with our Plant Labelling. Requires Easitill Label Creator to run and create labels or our full EPoS system.

You can use your existing database or build your own with a standard digital camera as you need the pictures. Alternatively we can offer you several options to buy commercial databases.

If you look for specific pictures or want more information, please call us on 01604 881 881 or send us an email